The Team

It started on a dusty 4×4 trail, in South Africa’s Limpopo province. Two entrepreneurs were taking in some fine big sky country while driving a tough 4×4 track. 

One is an engineer with an indistinguishable entrepreneurial flame and experience in all aspects of video production. The other a seasoned motoring journalist and editor with firmly established roots in video production. 

On that 4×4 track a decision was made around a campfire: to join forces and create unique motoring-related content, and to dabble in the world of motoring event and content marketing.

While one of those founders has since gone his own way, today, nearly a decade later, the business is still going strong.

getMedia mission

Create unique content of the highest quality, for all platforms.

Our products

getMedia’s first ‘regular job’ was the Bridgestone 4×4 Club Challenge… a 4×4 competition for near-standard 4x4s that was first broadcast on SuperSport (DStv) and later on IGNITON (DStv). This partnership lasted for eight consecutive years, until the end of 2017. That year the competition sadly came to an end.

Since then getMedia has produced a number of other products, both for broadcast as well as for use on other platforms.

What sets getMedia Networks apart from most other production companies is our non-conformist attitude… just because everyone else does something a certain way, doesn’t mean we will too. When everyone else hooks a left, we’ll go for a right.

Graeme Stonebank

Owner / Producer

With an engineering background, Graeme is the guiding vision behind the company. His skills include camerawork, editing & generally looking after the production process.

Contact Graeme if you have any queries.