It’s Econorun time again!

The RFS Bike Econorun is an annual regularity event over 1000km where the aim is to burn as little as possible fuel. This year 62 bikes of all shapes and sizes took part, taking in some of the most awesome riding roads in the RS of A. Catch all the thrills and spills on Ignition (DStv channel…

The first Battle of the Dunes

In July 2015 a small group of adventurers took part in the first competition of it’s kind… Battle of the Dunes. Catch the show on Ignition starting the 15th August 2015 to see what took place as the competitors took on the epic challenge of driving a 4×4 up and sometimes over the biggest of Namibia’s dunes.

SA’s premier 4×4 show is back!

THAT 4×4 SHOW is due back on the box the first weekend in July, and the second series will make its debut on IGNITION (DStv channel 189) on the same day as the motoring channel’s re-launch. The new season of the show also brings some changes to the line-up of the first series, which recorded…

Production Starts on That 4×4 Show Series 2

Back in the saddle! Production of series 2 of THAT 4×4 SHOW is now in full swing… from next week we’ll be posting more regular updates about our latest motoring adventures, which will take us all over Southern Africa.

Site Redesign

We have redesigned the website… did you notice 🙂Hope you can still find everything, let us know if you can’t

Vimeo Price Reduction

We have reduced the prices for our shows on Vimeo. All our shows are now available at $1 each or $0.50 if you buy the whole series. Click on the show name in the menu above to visit the Vimeo OnDemand site